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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Romancing Saga 2 day 26: This is why you don't go stealing boats.

Okay, it's a cave.

A cave full of slugs and crabs that look like an Octopus on the map.

A cave full of slugs and crabs that look like an Octopus on the map, and kill Walrus in two hits, and wipe out our party before we can kill even one of them, and there were like a dozen octopi on that map. Let's just reset and let Mr. Viking keep his boat for now, shall we?
The second dialogue option is much friendlier, and not only do I not kill Viking, but I don't end up whisked to the Cave of Tentacle Death. So I think this is all I can do in Morbelm right now.

The only landmark down Luton way is a town called Tifarl, or maybe Tifarr. Similar building style to Morbelm, but a little woodsier overall.

There's a bar built into the inn here. The second option refers to "Haria," a place or thing the Morbelm Conspirators were discussing in hushed tones. Old Foxtrot Guy tells me something or other, which I hope will open a new option on the map. After that the item shop refuses to sell to me- perhaps I hit a nerve?

Mrs. Astor here says something about monsters and mountains and... whatever it is, I'm hoping it'll lead to something to punch!

Looks like it just might. Guess where we're going tomorrow?

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