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Monday, February 7, 2011

Romancing Saga 2 part 13: Humanoid Ants with Lanterns and Shovels

Selecting the area I think is named "Barren" gives me a new section of the continent with two distinguishing features: a town to the south called "Nibel" or "Neebel" or "Kneebell," who knows, and what looks like a fort named Pile of Kanji. I guess I'll check out town first!

Nice, unassuming-looking place so far. The weapon shop has a bunch of useless crap, though. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that Avalon has the best gear in this part of the world- it's a much bigger city, and a capital city at that.

This is the biggest house in town. I interpret the sign as "Alcohol served! Swords welcome!" This is why a king travels with his personal guard.

Well, this is a much more orderly place than that sign led me to believe! There's a mechanic for listening to rumors in the game apparently: if you sit at the bar and have a drink, the other patrons will chat amongst themselves. For all the good that currently does me.

Oh boy, a prompt. I'll go with the first one- it looks enthusiastic. They give me an earful, of which I recognize the repeated use of the word Monster. Let's go check out Fort Pile o' Kanji!

Hold the phone which hasn't been invented yet! Two new places on the map, one of which is a cave marked Monster (Something). Time to go do a good deed, by which I mean invade the homes of unimportant nonhumans and take all their stuff!

Cavey. They're already all starting to look alike. Except... is that some winged blonde woman flying around?

Yup! And she brought Starfire from Teen Titans along with her! And it's totally comics Starfire: eight feet tall, relatively muscular as pop-culture women go, and has pornstar hair (or teased-out `80s music video hair. Same hair.). I think they must've been clothes shopping, but those matching outfits are just so tacky. They should know better than to shop in a CAVE. Henry takes a solid, 169HP hit but stays standing. The rest is easy.

Humanoid Ants with Lanterns and Shovels- neat! I'm thinking this is the right stop, because we're getting a mixture of new and familiar monsters.

This, for example, is new. It's name is something like "Spritzer," and it worries me. Turns out not to be as scary as it looks, but it can stand up to a round and a half of our best attacks. That's the last exciting new thing on the first floor- we'll hit the second floor tomorrow!

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