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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Worming our way into Cumberland.

So right now, the most I can say for Cumberland is that Fritz has scratched "Ghosts" and "Ghosts of Princes" off of his Things I Have Kicked list. I head down to the Great Wall to look around, and I find a path to the right before the one-way door.

Huh, a hole. Wonder if this was where I was supposed to go when I got sidetracked into saving the Savannah from termites? Either way it's crawling with demons and dragons and snakes. Oh my. And the stuff here can do 1100 damage to us!

So we reset and load to when we first landed in Douglas. The soldiers turn out to be tough fights- Orion loses his first few LP. Welcome to the team, big guy! But Walrus gets knocked down to just one LP as well. I hate to say it, but these bastards are probably worth bribing.

Back to the wall where, through a combination of luckier fights and stubbornness, I get into that well-guarded cave. It's just as well-guarded inside, though some of the monsters aren't completely murderous. And one of them drops me a shield with a defense power of FORTY. Orion gets that since he's down to 5LP already.

We're getting more huge monsters like this Pyrohydra, though. Which kills us and makes us reset.

And then there's this pair, Duneworm and Term Battler, guarding a bottleneck in the cave. They get boss music. This will end poorly. And does- the worm turns, but we don't have enough skill points to win the fight. So I decide to run back out of the cave and go visit the inn in Douglas. We need to be in top form for this. I hightail it out of there and run to the right, since it's less monstery.

And I discover a second checkpoint along the Great Wall. Nice! So naptime isn't really a problem. Getting back in the hole is trickier. Why does everything in this game have to be this difficult?

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