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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Romacing Saga 2: A Wish For Wings That Work

Ooh, there's emergency music playing in Chontou! But no enemies yet, so I'm sure Wagnas will be hanging out in the throne room. Can't be a supervillain without a massive ego!

...but actually, no. Place is still totally empty, but there's clearly something important going on since there's a second castle on the map floating over this place. I try the flying thingy one of the previous generations got from the Sormon inventor, but I can't do anything with it.

On a whim I decide to check out Mount Chikapa again. Maybe that horn will summon some birds or something I can ride over there. But no. So I wander the towns and try to figure it out, but nothing seems to change it. I guess there's something I need but don't yet have, so I guess it's time to go wandering and try to find it. Or find something. This smacks of another Cumberland Debacle- I'm starting to wonder if DORAGONs are bad luck for the party...
So yeah, we're back to Deep Flail for a bit while I try and figure out either a way into the castle or a new place to cause trouble. Cumberland hasn't changed, and every guard I refuse to bribe is a while pile of Cobra Commanders. I wander the desert a bit and discover...

...a town! Except it's not- it's a mirage. Cute! More desert-wandering gets me back to Mermaid, so I drop by the witch's cave and buy more LP meds. I might drop that on Ferdinand if things continue; his 3LP concern me.

Not sure I ever saw this village on the Savannah. Lots of trees. But it's empty- probably one of Fritz's cockups.

Oh, this is where the alternate exit to the anthill was. Okay.

But this one is definitely new. Greetings, distant land! Tell me your problems, that I may solve them in exchange for your eternal fealty!

This kid talks to me and then I hear drums. Has this kid invented beatboxing in the 1700s? Still, a thing has happened, which is the most I can say for the past couple hours of play.

A person! And one that gives me a choice! And we take the first one- I recognize the word for "attack" in there...

He takes me out to the thing in the field that I still can't identify, and it starts moving! The music turns very sinister, and every time I move towards it I bounce off. Not sure what to do here...

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