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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: 700 Years DO Count for Something!

I check in with the inventor of Sormon, and he has created himself a robot maid. I'm certain it'll have a school uniform somewhere in the house too. He had a question for me, and I answered the first option, which made him leave the house. But I have no idea where he went after that, so it's time to continue the So Nothing Much Has Changed in Centuries, Huh? Tour. I expect the tour to go as well as Charlie Sheen's.

Okay, better than Charlie Sheen's. Mirama, which you may remember as being known in Gerarl's days as Fort Pile o' Kanji, has grown, and installed a bridge. Nice! After I talk to the guy I realize that this is the inventor! Apparently he built the bridge, and keeps saying something about 26... something. No clue.

Down in Morbelm, the captain of the boat Fritz decided not to steal asks Ferdinand a question about the Mirama Bridge. So I give the first answer.

Apparently this gets me a demonstration of the drawbridge, and then we're right back to where we started. Uh, yay?

Huh, that town where Medea killed the dog has a third tower. Nothing in any of them now though, so we'll just hope I did whatever I was supposed to do correctly. Odds are good- I did get to keep the town.

Ah, I'm getting new messages in Yuuyan, followed by flute music! Maybe there'll be something to do here now.

And here's a new area: Chontou Castle. We'll scope that out tomorrow!

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