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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Confusion, Death, and Employment Opportunities

We don't get victory music, but all the monsters are gone. Good enough for me! I head down to RyanJyan to see if the shogun made it back, or if the old guy is there, or what.

No, but this guy is! Meet Jubei, whose dialogue pattern indicates that he is recruitable. This suits me fine since I Deidameia's on her last legs, and I'm gonna need another swordsbeing shortly. But I wish I'd managed to annex the place, honestly.

Another trip to Chontou gives me the music for miltary-themed-but-not-hostile areas, and shows that it's still completely empty. So I guess I'll pester everybody in Yuuyan next.

Hello! Something I did in RyanJyan has revealed a new area: Hakuro. Let's check it out!

This looks (and sounds) dangerous. And sure enough the door is guarded. Ferdinand is actually down to 5LP after the fight- I'm not sure I've ever gotten a ruler down that low. Maybe Fritz, but I don't think so.

So, into the Golden Palace we go. And encounter lizards. And after the lizards, gargoyles and guards. Deidameia's down to her very last LP, and I suspect Jubei's down at the feudal Japanese post office getting them to hold his mail. There's a boss cluster behind a central door, but that door is locked, so we'll take the long way around, where there's a staircase.

Now we're outdoors, and as we challenge the guards they have one of those damn vegetables with them.

Confused and blinded, Ferdinand kills Deidameia with his Capoeira Kick. So we book the fuck out of there and go back to RyanJyan.

Welcome to the party, Jubei! He's got the highest proficiency level of the party, tied with Ferdinand's Kung Fu. So now it's back to Avalon to get him trained up, and tomorrow we'll tackle Hakuro again!

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