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Monday, April 18, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Duel with the Elderly

We do considerably better on the first floor, except for the single battle where Deidameia loses FOUR! Life Points. 200-some years later, Cobra Commander is still a dick.

The treasure chest on Floor 2 is even more heavily guarded than the first. But treasure is treasure and XP is XP, so what are you gonna do? Plus our prize is a new greatsword for Deidameia that's 8 points stronger than her Katana, so it's ultimately worth it.

Of COURSE that's what all the little antechambers are really for. They're full of monsters. The last one has two skeletons, easily the most difficult lackey type. Particularly since, in case I didn't mention it before, the Axe instakill technique doesn't work on undead.

Hey, it's the Chariot that was so deadly to Medea's generation. (Or was it Fritz?) Either way, let's give it a shot.

Okay, nope. Reset. An interesting thing happens on the way back: Deidameia learns what seems to be a technique specific to her sword. I assume it is anyway, as it's a technique that doesn't show up on here tech screen, and that's usually what those are. It's a cheap electric attack with respectable damage, so I guess I'll use it a while and hope it doesn't break the sword.

Once I beat the skeletons, it's just the dragon doorman. He's got something to say about Wagnas too. We kill it without too much difficulty thanks to a stunning technique Bruiser came up with on the way up.

Hey, it's another old guy! I guess he's not a unique character, sadly. But he says more about Wagnas and King Ato...

...and then Ferdinand fights him one-on-one. Uh-oh. Ferdinand's Kung Fu is not best- he currently does the least damage of the whole group. So this could be bad.

Or not. Two Capoeira Kicks and the old guy drops. He says something, the Shogun-looking guy asks me a question and I of course take the first answer, and then he runs the hell away.

Huh, I basically know what that means: "Wagnas... just you wait!"

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