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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Is a chest behind a paper door ever REALLY inaccessible?

Here in Chontou I'm getting the martial music, so I'm sure we won't be bored. We also get the fog-of-war bubble when we dash, so we DEFINITELY won't be bored.

 Treasure! I'm currently standing behind that door, which will not OPEN. Argh. The second floor has another room of that type which also doesn't open, so we press on.


We're led to a chamber with a series of doors that do open, which terminate in this chamber which I assume belongs to the emperor or at least a Shogun of some sort. He yells at us and we get the hell out of there. He then has a long discussion with...

...this old man, who is a unique sprite and leaves the room with the other advisors. Everyone is talking about someone or someplace named Wagnas, which is a name I've heard before somewhere.

This is a word I recognize: "Sarabada," or something along the lines of "Farewell."

Now the little advisor/yes-men/shitflies/whatever you want to call them block my path, because apparently Emperor of a solid chunk of the known WORLD is not a title worthy enough to talk to their boss. Obsequious little bastards.

So after one more visit to Yuuyan we have two new places to visit: the Chikapa Mountains here, and the city is called RyanJyan. So we'll check those out tomorrow!

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