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Friday, April 22, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: KyaaKyaa Girl Gets CHATTY.

Can't get aboard the landship thing to save my damn LIFE. So I guess I'll head back to that village when all else has failed.

...except it's gone. I think I may have damned another village to extinction with my incompetence. But I do find another exit off this field.

Into a town full of gargoyles.

...wait, this is Miles. Miles was NOT full of Gargoyles last time. Aw, man. But they don't attack, they just say "Gau gau" when they bump into me. I have a feeling that's Gargoylish for "Thanks for the town, bro." But nothing else of note happens here.

Oh, there's the little village. It moves, apparently. The guy who asked for my help is very curt this time, so that further confirms my fail. More wandering, but nothing significant. So what do I do next?

For now I go back to Avalon to check on some vital statistics: 11K a fight and over 8,000,000 in the treasury, very nice!

HOLY SHIT. KyaaKyaa Girl said something after Kyaa Kyaa! Whatever it was, WaiWai Boy says it too. This MUST be significant!

And I've found something! The mine next to Tifarr has spawned a new door(surrounded by half a million Crowns' worth of ore for me to pick up), and there are monsters here! So Monday we'll tackle that since it's the first new area I've seen in a while now.

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