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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: More Maritime Shenanigans

There's a storm at sea. There's some conversation...

...and we're back in friggin' TOBA. Damn! No amount of talking to Tobans or Mermaiders makes a lick of difference, so it's back on the road.

We checked on a lark, and as it turns out, the big fish-thing at the bottom of Lake Wyringa is gone. And now there's an opening to get into a cave. Could this be connected with the rough seas down south? Let's find out:

It seems to be a dolphin or whale, from the noise it makes. The first option seems to be "Attack," so this time I'll try number 2. It lets me go, and I look around, but the cave is small and uneventful. I still can't do anything with the submerged fish-thing, so I guess we'll confront this dolphinwhale.

Ooh, sparkly. It must be an angsty teenaged vampire-whale- so that's probably a fang rather than a horn. Unsurprisingly it has boss music. It also regenerates 999HP per round. Exactly the kind of thing a vampire would do.

We fail, but it's a pretty long fight- definitely not anything in the "I'm not supposed to be here!!" category. We're going again!

We actually do worse this time- it has a group lightning attack that's pretty bad. So it's grinding time!

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