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Monday, April 25, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Sadly rocks don't HAVE wires.

Lots of dead things down here: zombies, ghosts, skeletons... These monsters are called "Fear," which seems like a good name, and they're part of the ghost family. Fortunately, unlike Skeleton-family monsters, Ghosts are vulnerable to petrification and instant death. Wandering nets me another 300K chunk of ruby.

Guarded door! Yay!

Did I mention Jubei is really damn good with his sword? Like, REALLY damn good? Because he is. That's his damage popping up on that zombie dragon there.

Well, this large purple stone looks significant!

And clearly is, seeing as how it prompts me with a decision. Well, I'll take the first one! I hear a tinkling noise, and the stone's laying shattered on the ground. I pick it up- its official item name seems to be "Shard of Magic Stone" -and we get victory music. It doesn't seem to have advanced the plot for us or anything, but at this point a victory is a victory!

I swear there's more people in Tifarr now, but I can't tell. I'll talk to them all in case this is significant. It doesn't bring anything up on the map, but I know the bar used to be empty and it's not now, so I'm pleased. But now it's back to wandering, I guess...

What? The Mirama drawbridge is broken already? This bears investigation. I may have to head back to Morbelm and see if I can get a ride from the captain down there.

Except he's not giving rides anymore, the jerk. So I guess it's off to Sormon to talk to the guy who made it in the first place.

...and he seems to have no interest in the bridge whatsoever, the jerk. (Does his lack of interest in other projects have anything to do with the robot maid girl he built? Seems likely...) So I guess there's not much left to do but head back to Not-Japan and see if the Magic Stone Shard helps with anything...

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