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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: To Wind a Piece of String Around

Dashing back out of the Amazon village, I find a prompt. I have a feeling I'm about to fall into an Amazon trap, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

I think it's a big rock- my movement is very slow now. I think I'm going to go back in the village and let the Amazons catch me.

...but it doesn't work. I manage enough speed to get away, and then it's back to the crawl. It even slows me enough that I fall into the skeleton trap on the way back. We get wiped out once because we're too slow to run and none of the groups in the Bird family are exactly pushovers. But we do ultimately get it out of the jungle, and out of curiosity take it to a shop. No value- zero Crowns. So I lug the damn thing to Avalon and put it in the vault. If I need it later, I'll worry about it then.

But that raises again the question: Now what? Now where?

Then I find something on the map I hadn't seen before: Rongitt. I hadn't found a way back to Toba and Mermaid before- the boat from Morbelm isn't running anymore -so I can check there and see if I can find some clues to... well, anything!

Since I'm in the area, I decide to see what other kind of medicines the old lady in the cave can make. Turns out the middle choice here is a potion that restores 100 Tech Points- handy! So we head over to Toba and have what seems like a longer conversation this time with the unique sprited woman in the bar.

And clearly it paid off. Next time, we're out to sea!


  1. Heh...yes, it's a stone something. ;)

  2. Heh, thanks! Good to know I'm not entirely off-base there, though it was the results that got me there rather than the kanji...