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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Tooting Our Own Horn

RyanJyan first- I fully expect the mountains to be where all the action is. We're definitely keeping with our Japanesque theme here. One new item at the weapons shop: a Naginata, which is of the Spear family. I want a spare in case Grace goes down fighting and renders her fancy spear unusable for the rest of this generation; it's not as good as her spear but it's about on par with our other weapons. The townspeople here also mention the name Wagnas, so I'm guessing it's pretty important.

Ah, here's the old guy from Chontou! He mentions Wagnas and two other names I've seen before: Hakuro, and something or someplace called Ato. If I read that Kanji right, Ato is a king. I'm pretty sure I've done everything I can do here for now, so I go back to the other two towns to see if anything is new...

...and Chontou is covered in MONSTERS. I bail out, because I want to check out Mt. Chikapa first.

Also covered in monsters! Ferdinand and Shigen both lose their first LP in their very first fight. Deidameia's down two and Grace down 1 before we get into the cave. This is smelling a bit like disaster. (Actually it smells like Garlic dipping sauce of the type you get with a Papa John's pizza, but apparently that's just the cabbage rolls AngeliqueDaemon is making for dinner. Mmm, cabbage rolls. Couldn't tell you why they smelled like dipping sauce, though...)

Inside the cave we largely have Slime-types, like the Pain Bubble up there. It's more resistent than most Slimes- only Shigen's Shininess and Grace's spear-fu do any good against it. These vegetables have been a fairly consistent enemy, because even if they're not physically imposing any longer they have an annoying suite of status conditions. Looks like Shigen's water magic will cure those, but I'm hoping if I level him up in that enough he'll be able to hit a group.

The next mountain pass is full of dogs with horrendous lightning and poison attacks. (Don't think I've seen a Pokemon with THAT combination...) They take two LP off Grace in one fight and nearly TPK us, so we run from the fight and step around them. Next cave is all snakes. Some of the smaller groups are manageable, though a set of Medusas charm a couple of us and cost us some LP with our own group-attacks. The larger stuff like PyroHydras, we avoid.

The next area is all faeries. Again, we take out a few things but largely do a lot of running away, but we make it to the next cave, which is Ant-themed. Let's see, we saw plants on the way in, so we still have skeletons, zombies, demons, and dragons, and I think that's all the types of monster sprites. So I guess I'm about halfway there!

Oh, right, lizards. But still!

We exit the lizard part of the cave and there's a cliff. We walk up to it and... blow a horn?

After the concert, Ferdinand and company seem just as nonplussed as I am. We can't find anything else to do on the mountain, so we head back down and heal up in Yuuyan. End result: a lot of LP lost (Shigen's already at FOUR), a few proficiency levels gained, and we... blew a horn. So I guess tomorrow we'll see if that's changed anything here in Yuuyan or over in Ryanjyan, and then go fight it out in Chontou.

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