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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Waging War with Wagnas

Aaaaaand back to Hakuro castle. We make better inroads into the castle this time, explore a few dead-ends and such before Jubei loses his first LP. Promising! I'm especially glad I grabbed Deidameia's good sword back before she bit it. We manage to work our way around the ramparts, finding 120,000 Crowns in the bottom floor of one of the towers.

And finally I wind around to that boss cluster I was talking about. So let's do it!
The gargoyles aren't much to speak of, mainly because I run and reengage until I get sphixes, which are particularly vulnerable to petrification.

Then I go up to the guard and ask him if he's Wagnas. He's not, but he is a couple Cobra Commanders. So I run and try again. This time he's three Cobra Commanders. I try again.

DAMMIT. I finally haggle him down to one Cobra Commander and a pair of flunkies and we take them on. Gama mercifully takes them out with a single group-death axe technique thingy.

Then this thing falls down from above. Wagnas, I presume! It talks, then flies away, and then there's rumbling and stuff...

...and I'm out back of the castle. Wait no, that's not "out back." That's "Big-ass hole where the center of the castle used to be." But you can walk around it, at least! Not that there's anything in the door but 280,000 Crowns. So I guess it's time to leave the castle? If so I have to assume that locked door will be open now. Which it is, so we walk outside.

...I can't help but notice that there seems to be a second castle sitting ON TOP of Chontou Castle. So after we nap in Yuuyan, that's our stop for tomorrow!


  1. Hey just found you on Bloggers.com. Nice site you got going on here - I'll be checking out more of your past posts in a sec.

    Coincidence - I just started playing Romancing Saga 2 recently in Japanese for the language practice.

  2. Thanks! Hope you like what you see- hopefully it'll be even funnier if you can tell what all I've done wrong.

    I really do like the game. I hope it gets an English translation one day, because even when I don't know what's going on it's been a lot of fun.

  3. Yeah, I hope so too, but who knows. Been sitting around untranslated for this long.

  4. I've heard there's a remake coming for I think mobile phones; maybe that'll rekindle some interest. It really is weird that it hasn't gotten done, since I've heard it's generally considered the best Saga game...

  5. Indeed, unsure myself. Maybe it'll be released for the Nintendo Arcade (is that the name of the Wii one?) someday. Yeah, have read very good things about both 2 and 3.