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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Wonder Woman, is that you?

As to whether the Magic Stone Shard does anything in Chontou? Short answer: No. Long Answer: Not as far as I can tell. So I decide to wander Saramatt, the area with the disconcerting jungle noises; it connects Yuuyan to the Savannah area south of Cumberland. And I find a new screen:

This young lady is being set upon by wolf-dog things! Time to intercede in a punchy/speary/axey/swordy manner.
We get an option before I can proceed, and I pick the first one. It's not even a fight- we walk up and kill them instantly and then ask if she's alright. She says... something, and then bolts. We run after her...

...and are transported to a cave full of skeletons. Rough customers too: we get the drop on one group for a round of free attacks, and Ferdinand STILL loses one of his last three LP. I... think I'll walk around the other three groups. This would be prudent, yes.

There are slimes further up, and a stone path, and a set of stairs. I end up here, back out in the forest. Let's try that again!

I think this used to be a path out of the jungle, but it's sealed off now. Not sure.

And then we get wiped out in a fight with a goddamn FISH. So let's load the game and see if we can handle this any better.

Doesn't seem to be any better way of doing it, though if you take the second option she'll finish off the dogs herself and run away just the same. But, if you dash before the pit trap, you avoid it and end up in...

...what I think Ferdinand is calling the village of the Amazons! (The Japanese have this bizarre habit of using the term "Amazoness" for that, and I'm not quite sure why. Ferdinand hides behind a tree and watches some kind of conversation, and I get an option.

I take the first one, and they detect me and run me out of the village. I wonder if this is something I can only do with a Queen as opposed to a king? It seems pretty likely...

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