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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Because Rivers Don't Have TOWERS.

There are stairs leading down on the left, but they seem to be filled with sand. I bet this whole tower's gonna rise up out of the dirt. In the other entrance we've got a room full of slimes, beyond which are some skeletons and a path to a roomful of octopi. Unless I'm missing something- which is MORE than possible- the skeletons are guarding a big pile of nothing.
And as it turns out there's ghosts beyond the octopi. There's a recolor of the "Fear" sprite named "Pathos" -cute. I kill a few and dodge a few, and get to the treasure chest and its 130,000 Crowns. But that's all that's currently here. But I'm sure there's got to be a way to get down those stairs. At the moment I've got nothing, so it's time to head back out into the jungle, I guess. Might go visit the witch's cave and buy some LP shortly.

Or, y'know, wander facefirst into a new village again. Yay! This one is called Murie. I talk to some people but nothing that's said looks significant. You know, I never thought how useful it is in later games when plot-important stuff is put in red or some other noticeable color. Maybe next time I'll play something made in the last decade or so for the modern amenities.

This guy asks me a yes/no question, and when I answer yes he freaks the hell OUT, jumping and jumping and spinning like a lunatic. Well, maybe not "like," for all I know. But he keeps at it, so I decide to leave before he gets dizzy and throws up. Speaking of getting dizzy and throwing up, the next hut has some woman who asks me a couple questions. I answer yes to both, and when I leave the hut I fall down the ladder and comment on it. And my menu now says I have 10,000 Crowns again when it was 0 previously. Huh? (Of course I may have skimmed that off the pile of treasure I got in the tower, maybe.)

I'm not sure where this boat goes, but I'm a-takin' it. It's not a tower that goes nowhere in the middle of nowhere, so it's a good start.

And we're off, down the river...

...landing in a place called Tsukijima. We'll check that out tomorrow.

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