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Monday, May 9, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Does my Giant Come with Biscotti?

Hmm. Heavily built-up area, Gargoyles, creepy music. This ought to be good. I see a couple stationary dragons to contend with, a few shattered statues, and rooms with treasure.

...the statues in the room all become skeletons and jump me when I open the chest. How could they know that I, an adventurer, would have greed as a weakness?

...greed and skeletons? Bastards took me out in TWO MOVES. The second of which only needed to take out Bruiser, who was the only one still standing. Of the three rooms, only the one on the right has real treasure, a 250K Crown reward. Working our way through costs Ferdinand his bonus LP, so he's back down to 2. Next level up, the 350K Crowns are on the left, and the horrible calcium-induced death is on the right. We weave past the two guard-dragons and get in the center door.

I see a stationary dragon in the middle of everything, which I think has a good chance of being our ultimate goal. There are secret switches on each side of the room you have to hit...

...and actually I suspect SHIRTLESS GIANT has a much better chance of being the area boss. This is going to hurt. (But isn't he still in Cumberland? So, what, is Shirtless Giant a franchise now or something? Is it like Starbucks in that eventually I'll run into a Shirtless Giant on the corner opposite another Shirtless Giant? If he says his name is "Venti" I'll kill him extra hard out of spite.)

I'm pretty sure the kanji there says "Kyojin" - Giant. It never lays a finger on us- Jubei evades its attack and Bruiser learns the evade on the spot. Our prize: an Amethyst Axe even better than the kick-axe Tourmaline version Mahan was already using! Also, off to the side, was a nice bow called the Grim Reaper. Might try an archer again next gen...

Whatever I did here seems to have been correct, as the Mu camp is empty again. I search around on the map for another new location and come up dry, so I go back to the previous area and check the Mu camp there. Sure enough he's there, and he says a lot of something. Not sure what I accomplished besides getting this great new axe, but if he's happy I'm happy. Not that I can be sure that he's happy.

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