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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Ferdinand Reaches Middle-Age

It's an interesting variation on a dungeon, one I haven't seen before. But it's still a maze full of monsters to avoid or kill, so a dungeon is a dungeon is a dungeon. I'm starting to recognize some of the patterns of the enemies: faerie types will wander slowly but will pursue you sometimes, slimes are slower but random, and birds are fast, random and ANNOYING. But all of them will make a concerted effort to waltz right in front of you in close quarters.

I'm betting there's a pickaxe item somewhere, because there's a couple of rocks that are smaller than the others, and one of them is in outside of an otherwise-enclosed area with two chests in it.

Stationary enemy! Just as before, this ends the dungeon successfully. Turns out, if you dash towards the small stones you can hop over them- much simpler than I thought. One of the chests has money and one has a sword named Splasher with a respectable attack power of 29. If my next ruler is as bad with the Kung Fu as Ferdinand, I may try this out on him. I'm pretty proud of my little group here, as they're proving to retain their facility with the kicking of posterior and the registration of names even on their few piddling shreds of Life Points.

Ah, as we've dreamed of: Annexation! We go back to Avalon and, while our LP have not magically grown back, we've got some stuff going for us: the treasury is thriving with over twelve million Crowns, and we gain 14K a fight now. Basically if I had the patience, I could win a fight, go buy LP meds, go back to Avalon to get a new pocketful of petty cash, and still be making a profit. If this generation drags on I'll damn well do it too. But there's still that last cave...


  1. Heh...seems like a long game. Recently when I play I've been a little bored and tempted to give up, but some of the stuff you're writing about seems interesting. Guess I'll stick it out, at least a bit longer. ;)

  2. It is a long game, but even clueless as I am I'm enjoying it. I think I'm about 2/3 or more of the way through now as one of the save files from the cart's previous owner is saved in the final dungeon in 2235 AD. That's probably only a couple more generations, I figure...