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Friday, May 6, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Ladies and Gentlemen, Take my Advice...

Once we crew back up, there's a new area as well: Nazerle, or something like that. (Naze-ru is what it says... Nazereth? Doubtful...)

Turns out that while techniques don't seem to appear on the list until the next generation, weapons go back to the armory immediately. So say hello to Ingrid and Mahan! (I'll have to see if I can figure out which famous explorer he's named after. ...nope, sure can't.)
I think we're pretty well kitted out now, so we're headed down to Nazerle.

Snowy! And the music is definitely fighting music, so we're off to a good start.

Of course it's octopi. The snow squid is without a doubt the most deadly predator to ever walk... crawl... however those would move about the tundra. Not well, I'm thinking. Furthermore, those little round things concern me- I'm wondering if that bridge is gonna drop out after we cross. Let's see...

It's a sliding-across-the-ice puzzle! There are certain inevitabilities in old-school RPGs like this (and Dragon Quest and Pokemon and etc.) and this style of obstacle is one of them. Also one of my least favorite. There's another catch to this one that does make it a bit more interesting, however: see those little spots on the ice? They cave in once you pass them, and become stops next time you slide past. So even though you have to do it twice, it's not one of those ones where you do it again and again and again until you find the one and only solution to the puzzle. Or at least I didn't.

We make it out the southern exit and find the new Mu farmers' campsite! (Or what I assume is something along those lines.)

Yup, that seems to be what it is. One kind of neat thing: the Mu calves will only walk in the paths made in the snow. I guess the regular snow's too deep for them. We have a long conversation with the rancher here, who says something that may or may not be "ailing," and something about Nazerle. Maybe we need some kind of Mu meds?

Ah, here's our new destination! We'll save that for Monday!

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