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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Learning to Hate Towers

It's a straightforward tower: go up a floor, kill a Gargoyle, go up another floor. Get up enough floors, there's a dungeon. Of course. I'm starting to worry that 999 is the HP maximum because Bruiser's been stuck there a while. If so it seems bloody unfair, seeing as how I've had attacks do 1500 damage and up to my people.

Not surprisingly this area reminds me of the towers in the desert. Except it's like all of them at once, stacked vertically... kind of. We work our way up and then back down...

...and there's a girl guarded by a plant monster. Time to see what she wants. The plant gets boss music, but it's nothing extraordinary.

We have a long conversation. I give a scripted response, she says "Sugoi, sugoi!" ("Cool, cool!" Or some other positive adjective) and then runs out that hole. And we're back outside. One-way hole though, sadly.

I'm not sure where she went, but the temple's full of monsters now. Let's check it out.

So now there's a talking snake at the end of the dungeon. In a shocking twist, the first option is "do nothing" and the second is "kill it unto death." So we do. Same vision of the other tower, but this time we lost a fair bunch of LP for the privilege- Ferdinand's down to 1 again. Yeep. I guess we'll go up there in person now and see what's what.

Made it! Tomorrow we'll go explorin'.

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