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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Mu-people? Mu-men? Muvians?

It is probably exaggerating to say that if you've seen one dungeon you've seen them all. But after two or three of the things, you've got the gist. I gave Ferdinand an LP potion before we came in and I'm glad I did; there's an awful lot of nasty stuff in here. We get wiped out at least once trying to weave past the monsters. The second floor is a pair of narrow passages filled with zombies and slimes that protect a roomful of Dragons. One of them in the back is stationary, so I'm going to make a beeline for it. And as is typical, killing it clears the entire dungeon and nets me victory music. Yay!

I report back in at Saigo-whatever, and I get an earful from one of the little redheaded kids. The guy who I presume told me about this place has changed his message, so I assume I did well.

And now we've got a new cave, and a village called Mu! We'll visit the Muians first. ...Mulians? Muons? Mu-ers?

It appears to be a home, where the buffalo roam. But hey, that guy looks recruitable to me!

Uh-oh. I'll take the first one, as is our custom. He says something about Dragons and Monsters, so I guess we've got stuff to kill for him too.

I recognize this woman is saying something about Mu milk, so I guess Mu or Moo is what they call the buffalo things up here. I'm pretty sure I recognize the kanji for meat too, so I guess she's explaining why the Mu is so valuable.

And there's our next stop! We'll double back to the other cave once we get Rancher Guy's problem hacked up into manageable pieces...

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