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Monday, May 16, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Necklace Full of DEATH

Meet Shiero! Apparently I can recruit Mole People if I really want to. We run back out of the anthill, and nap in Savannah.

The music is surprisingly sinister.

And every time we sleep WE LOSE LIFE POINTS. What the fuck!? I decide to high-tail it to the top of Mount Chikapa before all our LP bleed away and hope that this will fix everything. But even the congas don't do it, so now we need to see about this curse. Somebody gave me a necklace while I was down there, so I suspect that might be the problem. I'm gonna go to Avalon, save, and see if putting it in storage lifts the LP-draining curse.

Except there doesn't seem to BE a curse anymore, which is the other thing I was thinking about. That is the place Fritz slept during the Termite Invasion, so maybe there's some bug-ghosts pissed at me or something. Either way, I need to make a few LP-potion runs here.

Except staying at anyplace EXCEPT the castle and you have the LP problem. As a test, I drop the necklace and sleep, and we're cool, so I reset and run it to my vault. Problem hopefully solved.

Problem indeed solved. Now I just need more instruments. Or something. But the next stop is Aqua, since the Mole People had something to say about it before they handed me a NECKLACE FULL OF DEATH. But nothing has changed there. Maybe I should grab the deathlace and see if it makes a difference.

Nope! Putting that back in the vault for roughly forever. I decide to visit the Saramatt jungle again- I know the Amazons won't let me in, but maybe I can find something else. I tend to dash through the place to avoid enemies, and I seem to have reached a level where most enemies are manageable thanks to Jubei's insta-death sword technique. So we'll check it out.

Bingo! We'll see where this leads Monday Tuesday.

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