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Monday, May 23, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Retirement at Last

Nice place, now that I can get into it. A few buildings in the center and one off to the side.

This guy looks recruitable, but whatever I'd have to do to make that happen hasn't occurred yet. One of them mentions Cumberland, and I have to take this as a bad sign considering.

This room is full of tablets that say stuff. One of them mentions Hellfire, but that's all I get out of it. More importantly...

FUCK YES IT IS A GUITAR. Unless I find something else pressing to do here it's back up to Mount Chikapa just as soon as I get some damn LP bought. But first I really ought to visit the strange little wizard-man who gave me the Ice Seed.

He whisks me back to Tsukijima, where the victory music plays.

We annex the island! And 250 years pass...

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