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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Unfinished Symphony

And now they're back at the southern camp, for some reason or other. I have no idea what any of this accomplishes. But I'm going to take a few minutes here and do as I suggested last week, and run back and forth to get everybody's LP back up to probably around 4. Ferdinand is just way too fragile right now, and I'd like him to live to the end of his era.

There! That leaves Bruiser in the red, but it should make us at least capable of finishing a basic dungeon or two without giving me a heart attack. Now, since that fortress with the shirtless giant still has enemies, I'm going back to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Whatever the robe is that I gave Jubei, it is golden. 75% of the attacks and status conditions used against him miss outright. The trip nets me some levels in weapons and magic and such, and the knowledge that some slime-types drop LP meds. but other than that there doesn't seem to be much of anything I didn't get on the first go-round. So we're back in Deep Flail for now. Stopping by Avalon's magic school nets Ferdinand and his 30 Shininess a new spell called Sword Barrier. It's somewhat expensive, but I'm going to try it out soon in the hopes that it either reduces the damage he takes or does a truckload of damage to things that hit him.

Uh... neither? I think it may increase the damage of an equipped weapon. I'll have to try using a physical attack the following turn, if the rest of my crew can leave anything alive that long...

I finally take that flute back to the top of Mount Chikapa, and indeed I do hear it played! But whatever it adds to this, it's not enough to do whatever needs done. So I guess we're on the hunt for more musical instruments?

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