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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3: Itadaki Street in the US? Seriously?

Ah, the end of a platform's lifespan. The time when licensing fees and standards both relax and we get the weird stuff. The oddball games that would not otherwise escape Japan. For both DS and Wii, it's that time. (Which is probably the only reason we're getting DQ Monsters, frankly...)

For those who don't know- I'm betting that's a larger percentage than those who do -Itadaki Street is a Monopoly-like boardgame-like video game... thing, created by Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii. It's one of those long-running Japanese series that has never come to the US. Until now! Redubbed Fortune Street, it's been announced for Wii later this year, though one source suggests the DS version might also be coming. Both of those versions have both Mario and Dragon Quest characters; an earlier PS2 game had DQ and Final Fantasy characters and man would I love to have a game with all three.

Thanks to Dragon's Den for breaking the news on the Facetweets!

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