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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Antagonist

The headstone moves to reveal a staircase, leading to an anthill. HOLY CRAP THAT IS A LOT OF ANTS. By some amazing damn miracle I manage to stroll RIGHT through the swarm and hop down the hole as though I'd planned it. Smooth, Lance, smooth. There's a really tall staircase same as there was into the old anthill...

And sure enough, there is the ass-end of a Termite Queen. Plus treasure!
And a bunch of mandatory fights to whittle down my reserves. The boxes have some crowns and the Armor of Avalon(or somesuch), which would be awesome for Fritz but, y'know, Elven Skin.

And here we are, and here we go again. Get out from under my lawn!

Behold, the Real Queen! There's a sprite that would never have made it to the US unedited. I'm also not sure her waist should actually be able to turn quite like that, but then again WHY AM I OVERTHINKING THE NAKED BUG WOMAN.

Woot! First try. Renya has all of ONE LP left, but I can fix that. We get persistent victory music, so it's time to head topside and see how Avalon is faring. And the answer is: pretty well! Everyone's safe, nobody seems to be an ant anymore, all is well, and next time I lose a party member I have my trusty barracks to use for recruiting.

So... now what?

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