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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: At Last- Cumberland!

It takes me two or three tries, but we finally manage it. Our reward is a Dragon Sword with an attack power of 60. Sadly it's a short sword, which nobody really has techs for. Maybe it's time for Renya to learn some...

But that really is all we can do here this time, so now we're back out into the wild. Things are peaceful now in the Steppe and the gargoyles have left Miles, both of which are good.  Other than that, a tour isn't bringing up anything new yet, so I figure I'll take this keen dragon-themed gear back to the fortuneteller's village and see if the elephant statue connection triggers anything.

Nope. So more wandering. And then, on my ten thousandth trip to Cumberland to see if I can finish that quest...

...I find the secret room in the schoolhouse where the one princess has been hiding out for well over a thousand years now. She looks pretty good for her age. Bet she's not happy to see the Fritz in my party, though.
An idea that's reinforced by the fact that she hauls ass out of the room right after we hold a long conversation. When I get outside of the schoolhouse, all the guards are gone, as is the monster in the throne room. Progress! Time to see if Douglas is in better shape now.

I get dialog when I come into Douglas, and all the guards are gone here too. Finally! ...except for the shirtless giant and his wingmen. Can we finally kill it?

Yup. He lasts one whole round and does ZERO damage to Lance when he connects. Time to take the castle!

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