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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Avalon, 2222 AD

Judging from the save file that was on the cart when we got it, I thought this would be the final generation. But in fact, we've got a new crop of successors to pick from:


From the top: Toshi, an East Guard; Shirley, a Liza-type; Ruby, an Amethyst-type Magic User; and Deianira, a Medea-style Free Fighter.

I don't want to use two East Guards in a row- I just like to have a little variety in my main characters. So since Medea was one of my more successful rulers, Deianira it is!
Beyond which, I want to visit the Amazons now that I control Saramatt, and I suspect they might let a Queen in where they wouldn't admit a King. Amazons are like that.

Meet Tancred and Luna, the Imperial Guard. I'm going to take Luna with me. Her areas of expertise are Spears and Shininess. When I was cheating looking up the solution to the Wagnas quest, I noticed that eventually you can build a Barracks in Avalon where all the various types of character class are available in one place. Man, I wish I knew how to trigger that exactly, because I'm about to run all over the damn place to pick up the rest of the crew.

The other thing I discovered though, was that the Stone(Something) you get in Saramatt- the one that slows your walk speed to a crawl -is a Stone Canoe. It lets you cross the lava in Zemio.

While recruiting, before I've outfitted anyone with skills or such, I end up in Miles. I answer a perfectly innocuous question and end up in a warehouse...

...where I am promptly gassed.

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