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Monday, June 13, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Avalon, 2290 AD- The Final Generation

And now we're down to the end, ladies and gents. Here is Lance, the character I named at the beginning of the game. That was like five months ago now- woof.

No sooner does he inherit the skills of all his ancestry, but an adviser approaches and says something about Leon and Kujinshi.

And here is the fortune teller from the start of the game.
We have a long conversation about the two, and then she mentions Mount Chikapa. Guess I'll get my instruments out of storage, round up a posse, and go up there in a bit.

Lance has great gear. The DeiBlade is a greatsword with 45 attack, and he wears a Harmonious Suit with an equal amount of defense. And I'm pretty sure I know the group I want to be leading for this caper.

The only new face is the robot maid from Sormon. That one time I looked at a walkthrough I found out she has 99LP, so welcome aboard, strange fetishy anachronism lady!

Otherwise, we've got Garungan the Salamander, Renya the East Guard, and the latest heir to the mantle of ZA DORAGON is also named Fritz! We've got some overlap here, with Lance and Renya both being greatsword fighters, but it's far too useful a skill NOT to have. So tomorrow we'll get our gear and techs together and hoof it back to the top of Mount Chikapa!

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