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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Behind Enemy Lines

There we go: everyone has some Unarmed techs to fall back on, Luna now knows Galaxy as well, and we've picked out some nice gear and techs for using in normal conditions as well. Now back to Miles! I believe we were about to be (re-)abducted and put to work on some jerk's landship.
This time, we make it through the fight. Luna and Varna (our Mu Rancher) both take 2 LP damage, but since it's an inescapable fight that's, well, inescapable.

There seem to be a number of galleys like the ones we start on. I can't see any benefit to burning up LP fighting our way in, so we try the other paths first. But in some ways I'm pretty impressed by my crew: if they go all-out (which there's not a lot of choice about here) they can take out a Toutetsu(the obnoxious lightning-breathing lion monster) in a single round. Luna is actually twice as effective with Shiny Magic as Deianeira despite being one level lower in it. And Jeanne's getting quite the education in Le Artes Martial. But I'm still hoping our gear's around here, because we could use the help. The next floor has some very fast-moving slimes, which is unusual. But slimes could prove deadly here, as they're largely immune to unarmed damage. We're gonna have to be careful and LUCKY.

Interestingly, my lizardman seems to have the power to remain standing through instant-death attacks when the rest of the party is down. Not sure what's up with that, but I wish it would've let me survive that fight. Load time!

Meanwhile, check out Luna's X-TREEM combat pose.

There's a room full of really tough monsters guarding three chests, but I haven't reached the treasure yet. We're loading a fair bit here- not only are we all pretty squishy and fragile, but there are a lot of charm and confuse-imparting monsters, and if Luna or Deianeira cast Galaxy on the group, we are just dead. After three or four tries we get past and get a couple suits of armor- it's a start. Further up are the crew's quarters, where a half dozen groups of monsters are snoozing... right until I get too close. I dash past and only end up fighting one group before I get to the chests on the other side. That nets us a shield, another suit of armor, and a fire sword! Too bad it's a shortsword and nobody has any techs for it. I hand it over to Deianeira though- at least she's trained in the damn thing.

And of course we're running out of resources. Deianeira and Luna have now both burned through all their MP, and the punchers' Tech Points are getting low. Luckily Deianeira learns a flamesword technique- that'll help some.

Wounded, battered, and with no hope of winning, we make our way to the commander of the ship...

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