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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Cumberland - Case Closed!

Whatever Seifrit is, it's gone to the dogs. And birds.
The interior is full of skeletons- wonder if they'd have been guards if I'd done this 1,000 years ago? I dash past them to the only door, kill the guard and break into a well-furnished room full of gargoyles. I guess it's rude to interrupt somebody's lunch hour with swords, but hey! Why should I restrict myself to screwing up the human-populated parts of Cumberland? That would be racist. And there's treasure here, so as usual anything between me and it gets stabbed. I get 90,000 Crowns and a pair of Rubber Sole shoes. I presume they prevent lightning damage. In the corner there's another guard in front of a staircase, so down go the guards and then down we go, just one of us is doing so in the sense of being descending a flight of stairs and not being dead at all.

Guards galore! A couple of doors have good stuff: a Wyrmslayer sword and a Sweatsuit, which would be better than the Elven Skin Fritz is wearing if he could just take if OFF. Considering he's named for a slayer-of-doormen though, being stuck in cursed armor seems somewhat appropriate...

And here's what's left of the occupation government! One of them starts moving when I get close, so I guess it's more fighting for me. For the record, three Cobra Commanders in a group can still wreck us up pretty good, so we cherrypick these a couple times.

We get conversation out of the guy in the red minister (in the governmental, not the religious sense) outfit, and boss music despite the fact that we'll be able to finish this sorry-ass group in one round.

Which we do! And now Cinderella sits on the throne, and we get victory music.

And finally, FINALLY, we annex Cumberland! But when we return to Avalon...

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