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Monday, June 27, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Dealing with Antholes

After some scampering and light LP loss (Renya's down to 5), we arrive at a door I don't think I've ever gone through before. Oddly, the other exit to the wet bar (Well, it is in the aqueducts or sewers or whatever, so... okay, that was a crappy joke) that's been sealed for 1200 years is still sealed. I expected that to be where I was supposed to go.

It's a mole person! With glowing green eyes! Seeing as they're the last people to be invaded by ants and/or termites, I suspect this will be relevant.
And so it is- his name seems to be Rato (I'll call him Rat), and he says something about the termites and their queen, and I see the kanji for "down" and "earth." So, the Termite Queen is underground somewhere. Big shock!

The tunnel lets out in the barracks. We get out of there unscathed, but when I reach the entrance to town:

I think I get the gist. "We can't just abandon Avalon!" So back we go, into the tunnels to find the Termite Queen. At least we can come recruit Rat if Renya dies, I presume... But, we're looking at another endurance dungeon here- the only place in Avalon I'm probably permitted to rest is in the king's chambers, and that's a long, ant-infested walk from the sewers.

After a long, ant-infested walk IN the sewers wherein I find absolutely nothing, I decide to check topside and see if there's an anthill hidden somewhere in town like there was on the Savannah. On a whim, I walk into the weapons shop's fireplace- which I promise was not an attempt to end this interminable dungeon slog and Lance's life in cleansing flame -I find myself on the rooftops! If I get a running start I can bound from roof to roof to just about any building in Avalon. Trying to jump down chimneys only gets me some coughing from Lance, so I guess they're still lit.

But then I get to this window, which it turns out I can also bound into.

Hooray, naptime for Kingy. (...was just I momentarily British? Oh well, never mind.) But searching out here has been fruitless too- it's got to be somewhere in the castle.

...wait, I just remembered something: there's a one-way path in the sewers that leads to an underground part of the cemetary. I haven't been there since Gerarl went for his midnight walk.

And Bingo was his name-o. Oddly-stationary ants being stationary around one headstone. Tomorrow, we rush `em. Or rush PAST `em if we can swing it.

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