We don't always like being nonplussed

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Do-overs and Deep Flail

Yup, this is bad. Asshole used Soul Steal on poor Renya and took ALL HIS LP. He's just gone, poor bastard. Good thing Lance has the countermove, but I wish I'd thought to give it to everybody. I've got to kill this guy before he wipes out my whole crew.

Which... I don't quite do. Anybody mind if I go put the Soul Steal counter on everybody and try again? I didn't think so.

This time through I find a treasure I missed before: the Armor of Galadriel. With a Defense of 43, it's second only to Lance's Harmonious Suit. Since Fritz is still stuck in Elven Skin- man, I bet Galadriel would be pissed -it goes to Renya, since Coppelia and Garungan have unremovable (and pretty considerable!) suits of armor.

I learn something important: you can't run from any of Kujinshi's flunkies in the big confrontation, and we draw tougher groups this time. We lose some LP, but it's better than utter annihilation. Also, why is a robot taking poison damage? It seems to me that not being poisoned is one of the primary reasons to want to BE a robot. Assuming you have the choice, which you don't. And probably won't for a long time- sorry, transhumanists, but you know it's true. We can't even agree on a DVD standard without a market war- I'm sure as hell not ending up in a discontinued robot body, thankyoumuch.

HAHA FUCK YOU. I'll be keeping my soul, thanks. You know, I have to give Kujinshi's new sprite kudos for going the extra mile: he's not just ugly, and using a woman's disembodied head as a shield, but the head's decomposing and there are evil spirits coming out of it, and his sword is alive and screaming at me. He is a really elaborate album cover for a band I don't want to be listening to.

And we win with everyone's souls where they should be. Even Coppelia's!

And back to Avalon! My helper monkey, er, minister, asks me for 3 million Crowns for something or other, so I say yes. What's money this close to the end of the game? And maybe we'll finally get that barracks-thingy built so my next party death isn't a pain in the ass so much as a unique shopping experience.

But now we're back to Deep Flail, because the game has given me no hints this time as to where to go. So I guess I'll see if I can kill the shirtless giant guarding Douglas Castle for starts!