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Friday, June 17, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: International House of Dragons

Nope. Nothing I do seems to let me un-screw-up Cumberland. So let's try visiting the Amazons! This ought to go REAL well.

Actually, it looks like they're letting me in! I guess if your final ruler is male, they decide the hell with it and let you stroll on in.

Or the village is TOTALLY DESERTED. Wonder what I fucked up this time? But there's nothing else to do here. And I also still can't do anything about the rough waters outside Toba.

But here, south of Lake Wyringa, is something new. Let's go!

...I've seen a temple like this before. But this is new, I'm pretty sure, as it's still filled with Ghosts. And Lizards.

Ah! There's a break in the shadows to show where you can get through. Gotcha.

...Hi. I'm gonna go back after that treasure chest I saw back there- back in five!

...Oh. Like I said to the other guy, just wait here and I'll be right with you, `kay? Interesting when you think about it: early in the dungeon there are ghosts, followed by lizards and then big honking dragons. Bit of storytelling to that progression...

Hey, it's Slimer! And Ghostbusters I Slimer at that, back when you weren't SUPPOSED to like him. Actually the monster's called Gormenghast- man, this game references a hell of a lot of stuff. The treasure was a helmet with Water in the name. I give it to my Salamander in the hopes that he'll now be resistent to both Fire and Water damage. And now, back to our regularly scheduled dragons, starting with Sheng Long.

Ooh, pretty in a deadly sort of way. No reason to assume it's vulnerable to my instakill since its predecessor wasn't.  It takes us three or four turns of our best attacks to take it down... and there's TWO more in the next couple rooms. We squirm past them and find an awesome dragon-named shield that I give to Coppelia. Monday, the red dragon!

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