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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Just Deserts

Okay, I hate to be a spoilsport, but I've once again consulted the FAQ. I've been at this game for SIX MONTHS and it's time to clear the deck.

To gain access to it, I first have to find one of the two members of the Seven Heroes (as Dantarg, Kujinshi et. al are called) that I haven't yet found and kill them. One of them is in that spot between Toba and Mermaid and involves making a Fishman Potion for breathing underwater, an elaborate fetch-quest similar to the Birdman-Enticing Jug Band effort we went to to dispatch Wagnas.

The other one involves walking into the desert south of Lake Wyringa and finding that vanishing oasis repeatedly until it turns out to be an actual place. I bet you can't guess which one I'm doing!

The trick and the tough part, of course, is that your HP are halved in said desert, but it should still be manageable with strategic running away. The most dangerous things here are the birds- they spawn monsters of my approximate level, so I'm not even bothering. The sandworms that appear here are all fixed types and are reasonably easy to take down. No LP lost yet.

Of course the birds occasionally amuse me by spawning a Snow Wyrm in the middle of a desert, so that's something.

Aha! Sadly it's a mirage again, but one of these times, completely at random, it won't be. The biggest thread the birds dump on me are the Nighthawks, which look like Harpies to me, but the point is they have a group attack that does 5-600 damage a hit. The HP cap is 999 and we've got half of that, so you can see why this is a problem. So we bolt whenever we see those.

This time, the oasis is REAL. The people here are all weird- even with my meager katakana skills I can see this. The one guy cackles to himself thusly when I talk to him: "Kekekekekekke." Should... should I be concerned about a Zerg Rush here?

We go jump in a lake, and the entrance to the building seems to be right here.

Sure is! And we're getting creepy dungeon music, so this must be the place.

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