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Monday, June 6, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Killed with Kindness, Repeatedly

I finally figure out that the path around the back is the correct one, and am led to a choice of three snakes. I am absolutely certain that choosing the wrong snake will dump my ass back in Dragon Country. And I'm right.

So after ruling out the middle snake the hard way, I come to a better idea: I shall save before each shell game, and load when I fall. I'm running dry on Tech Points and I only have one single-person Full Restore and no other restoratives. So I've got to conserve resources here. For the record: Righthand Snake, Lefthand Slime, Righthand Zombie. From there, you hug the wall and head around to the left and up, staying against the wall so as not to fall, and there will be a hidden room with a staircase against the bottom of the wall to the left of the door you came in on.

Right here.

And there is the woman from the earlier tower, flanked by dragon statues and guarded by a Sheng Long. Time for Shusaku to get that restore, thanks! We beat the dragon after an extremely drawn-out battle, and then one of my biggest fears comes to pass:

We get Major Boss music talking to this woman, and except for the recently-refreshed Shusaku my two heaviest hitters are OUT OF TECH POINTS. This is gonna be a bloodbath, and not one of the fun bloodbaths where I get to do all the bathing.

Her name is something like Rockbouquet- "Rokkubu-ke" to be specific, but that's the best I can come up with. If I had to guess, she looks like an Over 9000 version of Ghost-Wielding Stripper from the intro.

...the hell!? Getting your ruler charmed counts as a TPK? Screw that. The second time through she at least has the decency to kill us the old-fashioned way- with lightning. The obnoxious thing we learn a few times in, is that it doesn't count as a wipeout if the ONLY PERSON ALIVE is charmed, as long as that person is not Shusaku. Dammit!

About the fifth time, I make the glorious discovery that I had one more Tech Point fill in the inventory- a full-party fill. And the fight begins in earnest.

Shusaku learns the evade for her charm! And Hase delivers the killing blow, though there's nothing else we can do for poor Tirpitz. You fought well, sir. 

She says something and fades away, and we annex Saramatt! And 250 years pass...

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