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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Life after Wagnas

First thing that happens when we get back to Avalon in 1972 is that my adviser asks me for 300,000 Crowns. Out of 16 million? Yeah, I can spare it. Plus, we're up to Nineteen-Six a fight, so that's only about sixteen fights and it's paid off.

This is Ulysses. If I'd found out previously he was here, I forgot somewhere across the generations. Other than that, Avalon's still Avalon and I can't find anything new to do. So here we are: after Wagnas -- what?
I'm not really sure where to go yet, so I'm going to start with the places I never figured out: Aqua, the rough seas outside Toba, etc.

Aqua: the waters are still pretty, but nothing happens.

Toba: the waters are still lightning-y, but nothing happens. WELL THAT SURE CLEARS THAT UP

On the other hand, I've discovered the Mu farmer is, indeed, recruitable now! Nice. But we're full up, and there's nothing else to do in this area, so we sail back to Murie via Tsukijima. I figure it's a good time to be checking out that sunken tower again.

And it is! So far it's not anything more than a new chest, but I at least found something I hadn't seen before. That something is an axe called the "Ladyhawk," and it's nowhere near as good as what we're using. But it's new!

The other side of the same hallway has the staircase we need. Tomorrow we go exploring and see if we can raise the tower!

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