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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Noel is no Coward

No monsters inside, but I wander across a fight.

Being a good guy and not possibly all that bright, Lance throws himself between the two to find out what's going on. And then the guy on the left mentions Rocbouquet(the Ghost-wielding Stripper) and attacks me.

He is Noel, the one of the Seven Heroes I came here to kill and the one I identified as White-haired Ninja in the intro. That Greatsword of his makes me think I'm about to regret my formation intensely. On the upside, we've got full HP again!

But yeah, standing in a straight line=BAD IDEA. So we'll use one of the "Everybody stand where the fuck ever" formations. I also learned from the walkthrough what Lance's Sword Barrier spell does: exactly what it says on the label. It makes him completely impervious to at least sword attacks if not physical attacks altogether. So only he and Garungan are standing by battle's end, but we win.

The dude(?) on the right is named something like "Sharlkern" and is recruitable now. See you at the barracks! (Damn, wish I'd gotten him in an earlier generation- I'm sure I have the name wrong, and a couple gens could help me spot the historical or literary patten to his clan's naming scheme...) The woman at the top says... something. But we get victory music and that's what counts. We make it back to town and rest up and then exit the desert to the south...

...where there is a new area to visit. We'll check that out tomorrow!

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