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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Old Familiar Faces

The statues- plural -don't attack me on the way in this building, but I'm betting they will on the way out. The chests contained a weapon whose name translates (I think) to the Divine Spear of Longinus, and a mace with the much more katakana name Holy Buster. I should've named my hero Batman instead of Lance...

Huh! The angry elephant statues don't attack me, and I make it out of town fine. So where do I go now?

I think I know.

Back here, back where Leon first took Gerarl to train nearly 1300 years ago now.

And the door opens. There's a staircase I don't remember from our initial visit so long ago...

...and it leads down to this floor full of water. Reminds me of the cave where I fought Dantarg. There seem to be a couple staircases further down.

The first one I take leads me to this mausoleum. Well, graves and zombies, so I gotta assume. I find a staircase back up that leads me to a suit of armor called Tiger Armor. Sounds martial artsy to me, and so I try to put in on... and discover that the Elven Skin is cursed. DUH. Every time I try to take it off, I hear a laugh like Kefka had a cousin who's a Bass. How did I not figure that? I'm slipping, I tell you. And it turns out Tiger Armor is pretty shitty.

But I seem to have found a boss-looking person. Let's see! Approaching it makes it fly up and open the grave it's guarding, and fight a standard Skeleton mob. Fritz drops, but we're otherwise fine. Then it drops Zombies. Fritz dies again and Coppelia loses her first LP- only 98 left! -but we win again. Now GHOSTS. We all live through that one. Come down here and fight me yourself, fucker!

...Huh, it's Kujinshi again. This is probably gonna hurt.

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