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Friday, June 3, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Sheng Long, Shenron, it's all Dragon God to me.

I don't think still photos can accurately convey the weirdness of this room. This bird is flying in a circle at supersonic speeds, and will not deviate from its path.

And that's why! The strange nozzle-looking thing shoots you across the chasm when you step onto it, and the bird is there, like most of the monsters in the game, to annoy you and slow you down.
One of the bird types in here is a Glass Cannon with a poison technique that does 7-800 damage in a single hit, and even Shusaku can't evade it. Luckily we finish the whole group before anyone drops, which is good because Tirpitz is still at 2 LP. Maybe once he drops I'll see if I can't recruit a Mu farmer...

And of course the stairs are all the hell the way over there, which takes a bit of doing. But we make it and get that treasure chest besides, which pays off a big chunk of whatever it is my advisors are buying. For all I know they're buying cyanide in bulk and a teapot, so they can invite me to tea next week. But of course, since that just means somebody else inherits all my skills, it won't do them much good. So let's hope for the best and assume they're building a combination home for orphaned kittens/ice cream parlor. I hope so- it's probably difficult to say "KyaaKyaa WaiWai" with brainfreeze.

The floor plan down here is decidedly less silly, but every door is guarded by something horrible. So we do what any good monarch does when faced with adversity: go on a killing spree. I kill my way out of the first room and as I'm walking across the floor I'm transported to:


I do not think Sheng Long here wants to grant my wish. It takes about 12,000 damage to take his ass down- wherever on its elongated body that may fall. The insta-kill sword technique which Shusaku and Jubei used to pull me through many a battle DOES NOT WORK. Man, I hate having to actually work for my victories. I get back upstairs, kill the zombie again AFTER it knocks Tirpitz down to 1 LP, and am instantly dropped back down to Dragon Land. I have no idea how to contend with this and I'm running out of Tech Points. This may lead to disaster...

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