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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: The Undiscovered Country

The castle is swarming with guards and gargoyles. Typical stuff. The ground floor and top floors reveal nothing of note, so I guess we're going to the basement. Which is definitely where the dungeon proper begins, as we've got the Fog Of War going on down here.

I know a guarded doorway when I see one. A few Cobra Commanders and Pimp Bunnies later and I find:

A ghost blocked in by a magically-sealed door. Uh... sorry I didn't get here a thousand years ago? Not sure what kind of card you buy for that.
The ghost says something about Georg and Sofia, and judging by the specific words used this must be the third sibling whose name I forget. After it fades away, we get plain old town music once again. The castle is completely empty...

...and the citizens of Douglas walk the streets in safety for the first time in a thousand years! Also not sure what card you buy for THAT. I'll see if the Hallmark store has a "I'm really sorry you spent 1,000 years enslaved because I'm an idiot" section. Forfer is also once again populated, and everybody's talking about Sofia, probably in the "I wish she could've lived long enough to see Avalon ruled by a non-moron" context. The princess or whoever is still living in the fireplace, so I will call her Cinderella if I ever have cause to reference her again. Nothing else in town triggers anything- not that I particularly DESERVE to annex it -so I move on to Nerack.

Here in the throne room, the two ghosts are together. Aww. They bid me a hearty Saraba Da (Farewell, more or less?) and ascend, stopping briefly to say something about Seifrit, who or whatever that is/was. And then all the ghosts are seemingly gone.

Ah, there's Seifrit, to the north. Our next stop- tomorrow!

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