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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Winning the War with Wagnas

So we've beaten down one mid-boss and found an awesome sword, so we just need to press on and find Wagnas and kill his ass so we can all go home. It's a pretty winding path, however, and I'm pretty well stuck in the middle of the place right now. A little further ahead we find a Vorpal Axe, but it's nothing compared to the Amethyst Axe Tirpitz uses now.

We've made it to the throne room, but it seems to be empty. I know he's got to be around here somewhere. The throne room is a gauntlet of guards- when they spot you they come running. But they're pretty easy to avoid if you sprint through.

But still they lead me back to the long, winding road. We run another gauntlet, this one of dragons and faeries- the last of which costs us a pile of LP and...

FINALLY. We have three options speaking to Wagnas. The first one gets us a conversation ending in "Saraba" (Farewell) and he attacks!

Huh, Wagnas is Obscured Nipples Harpy from the intro. Let's go to work. We do 9500 damage in the first round, and Wagnas gives a couple good socks as well, one of which is a weird attack called Psycho Bind: it does 0 damage to the primary target and increasing damage to everyone else in a line. Lego takes 0 damage at the bottom, and by the time the attack reaches Liza it does 650.

And then we die. In the second round Wagnas breaks out Fire Storm, which does 900-1000 damage to everybody. If we hadn't gotten hit with Psycho Bind we might, might have survived. Some of us. Possibly. Okay, let's do that again!

We do better, but once Wagnas casts Fire Storm the results are the same.

YES. Next time we fight Wagnas neglects to cast it, using wimpy-ass Light Ball instead two or three turns in a row. Just barely, we make it through, though Liza and Hase both lost a LOT of LP.

As hoped, we annex Yuuyan!

And a year passes...

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