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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 Day - 11 (in Soviet DQ, mirror breaks YOU!)

And we're back for our Thursday session of DQ6! I'm excited, can you tell? *puts weasel on head*

I'm not so sure where we left off, to be honest, because after writing the last review I was up for twenty-four hours, then slept for eleven, and that tends to make my short term memory go floop. Floop being a technical term, as I'm sure you're all well aware.

Back to town we go, and I'll just hazard a guess that I need to speak with Sabin in the basement of the church to go back to the future. I suppose I could make a Michael J. Fox joke here, but that would be tasteless, so I'll just Parkinson's my ass in the bed instead.

What a generous church! Old person-based security is usually extra at commercial establishments.

Yep, we're back, and we're blocked in by some old bitty. I talk to her and the question mark of surprise appears over her head, as it tends to do, and she talks to me excitedly. Well, I guess it would be more talking AT me, since this conversation seems to go one way and I'm not part of it. A bit farther into the babble, an old man steps in and also talks at me excitedly, and to her, so that's good I guess. I hear the item get music, and after another moment they take off.

I stopped to look at my items for a moment at this point to try to find out what things do, and I was quite lucky to find out that it actually does give me some information I can understand!

The first stat's whatever the item affects- Attack, Defense, Speed, etc. The second is Style/Appearance, which will be important later.

When I go to pass an item back and forth between my sack and my characters inventory, it'll display numbers! I still don't know what they mean, but I can sure as hell use this to my advantage, probably! While Hero and George weren't really able to take advantage of this, Elf made out like a freaking bandit, so I guess that's good for the rest of us.

Alright, NOW I think we go to the tower we avoided on our way here, so let's go check it out, shall we?

On the way, however, I'm attacked by an angry herd of:

Anything I could add to that would overexplain the joke.

Skeleton... carpenters? Wait! These must be a Skeleton Crew! You'll get that joke if you've worked retail, probably... ok, I'm not going to explain it, that would ruin my moment of feeling like I'm actually witty, damn it!

Back to the game, we reach the tower and head on in, and discover:

Dungeon time!

that it's going to be another fucking maze, isn't it? And I can tell already that this tower is going to be a pain in the gonopore.

Oh crap, it's the mirrior dungeon. Yes, That Guy. YES IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL.

Any time you see something like this, you know it's going to be a pain in the asshole. But I'm glad I took that picture, because I'm sure you noticed the second you saw it, as I didn't, that the stairs aren't reflected at all. This is probably a good time to go and check the mirror.

They are, in fact, named Poison Zombies.

Yep, it was a good time to check the mirror, but if those things aren't poisonous, then I'm Don King. I think one of Elf's spells will actually do the trick if I get poisoned, so here's hoping.

My assessment was correct, and the best strategy I can give here is keep having Elf heal and use the poison cure thing, which the first two symbols of it match the thing that appears to tell you you're poisoned, and have Hero heal now and then, and George beat it to death with his bear hands... Yeah, his hands are bears. What of it? Have you seen him? Tell me you would doubt it.

After I beat the ugly things, I head around the now open walls and up the stairs. I notice that this floor looks pretty symmetrical, but the door on one side is locked and it's open on the other. I think this is another mirror reference.

Anyway, the monsters I've been running into have just been recolors of ones I've seen before, like the Corpse Flower, so we'll ignore them. A few insane paths on the stairs later, which are all straight lines, and I find myself face to face with a ghost!

Ah, I think that's Barbara/Ashlynn!

He... She? jumps in surprise when they see me, and ask a few questions, which I can only assume are, "Can you see me," and "Can I join you?" to both of which I say yes. I now have a Ghost in my party, like I used to be! I guess I'll call them Casper, to make things easier. I'm just wondering at this point if I'll have to take them back to that witch. Probably.

It's then that we run into something new!

Are these the shadows of things that will be, or the shadows of things that may be? Hit with a sword, that is.
I don't know what they are, but I'll call them Shadowmon, which isn't really a pun as much as it is turning Jamaican for a moment or two.

Anyway, this looks somehow important.

Hooray, a thingy!

Yep, I think it was. because when I moved the sphere, this:

Specifically, Switch Number One...

turned to this:

...of Four.

which tells me what I have to do... KILL THE BATMAN!

No, wait. I mean I have to hit all four of those spheres, or at least I'll guess there are four. Also,

Looks like Akuma no Kagami... 'Demon's Mirror?'

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!

I think I'll just call these things Magic Mirrors, because Fightingglass sounds like what you would use in a bar fight. Also, they fucking reflect magic, so don't use any on them or you'll regret it.

They also do this:

This should look better on the DS, I bet.

so my advice if you see them is RUN AWAY! Run hard, run fast, run like a girl if you have to, but RUN! Remember, I'm not just the president of the Coward's Club for Men, I'm also a client. Another group of monsters I've found:

Wouldn't Venomoth work better here?

I'm going to call the thing in robes an Asoso, because he looks like an Assassin, but he also looks like he's either kind of reluctant, or willing to do a half ass job. The other one I'll call a... fuck it, I don't care, that's Beedrill, and I can't think of anything else to call him at the moment.

I'm really starting to think I need to level a lot more before I come here... ANYWAY!

Hopefully this'll be as easy as hitting a button in DQ6 DS, as opposed to opening a meny here and hitting 'Shiraberu.'
Tricksy little hobbitses, the designers of this tower. I'm going to wildly guess that I either need to walk on the floor where the stairs would be, or fuck with the mirror.

Search where the stairs should be. This only took a minute or so to figure out.

So we head up the next set of stairs, play with some balls, and the room drops down! From there, jump off of the tower and bam!

Ra's Mirror!
We have a... big mirror... thing... yay?

I guess that Casper expects the mirror to make her not dead? Well that doesn't work, we know that much! It took that thing from the witch that... shit, I have to use that thing from the witch on her, don't I?... FUCK! WHICH ONE IS THAT THING FROM THE WITCH?!

Ok, ten minutes later and a lot of wasted items later, our friend is visible. This is a good thing, I guess. She also asks to join our party, which would be great, if she wasn't level 2. I want to know how the hell she got up there, since I know monsters will attack you in ghost form, and they were kicking my ass ten levels higher. Well, we'll have to stop and level her, him, I guess. but the point is we have a big fucking mirror, and I don't know where to take it.

so we'll call it for the day while I figure that out. Be back tomorrow for the Friday update, and then probably a long weekend of power leveling! YAY! *headweaseldesk*

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