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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 10 (a little more norse than souse.)

And we're back! I've just made it to the next town, and I already find that this place is pretty odd. First of all, the local priest seems to enjoy outdoor life, rather than being stuck behind the pulpit all day.

Maybe it's some kind of cabbage farming-based religion?
I guess I can't blame him, because I've been in a few small churches and they tend to get a bit stuffy. I guess I'll start by having a look around town and talking to people, to see if any of them gives me some sort of little quest hook. not that I'll really be able to tell, but once I find the trigger I'll probably figure it out.

I wonder if this guy has something to do with it:

He'd probably sleep better without the silly hat.
because he is laying in bed, walking in place, though you can't really tell from the picture.

While I'm wondering, I pick up some new weapons... or armor. I don't really know, but I was able to buy something new for everyone, and if I can earn a bit of cash I'll probably come back and buy more, to make numbers go up farther. Numbers are important, especially big ones. Big ones like how much damage I do, and how much my defense is. It's equally important when the big number is how much damage is being done to me, because I then have to run around wildly to try to get the number to be lower. Thankfully it's kind of low, at the moment.

After I've talked to everyone in town, I come back and find that our friend the priest seems to have moved his operation inside.

It must be time for him to expound on God's slaw.
So I guess I found the trigger, somewhere. I'm not going to complain about results.

Inside it's actually one of the bigger churches I've seen in this game, with the main room and a door. The door is new, since normally the church consists of one room. I head in and the old lady that seems to live in the store room let's me spend the night, but I'm awoken by the wrong sound effect by morning. I can't really describe it, but if you've played a Dragon Quest game before then you know the "Doo doo doo doo, doo doo DEE!" that you hear, where this went "BWAMPH!" which isn't it at all. Not only that:

It couldn't have been Setzer? We could use those dice...
but Sabin seems to have come in while I was asleep. Damn it dude, you're in the wrong game! This wasn't even SquareEnix yet, so you're in the wrong intellectual property completely! Get your shit together!

On top of that, I head outside and it looks to me like someone's pulling a Kefka.

Nah, Kefka only uses poisons in the purple spectrum. This is a little too red.
That looks like poison to me, or maybe blood of some sort. I'm sure I'll end up finding out, as soon as a trigger comes my way.

Alright, I'm starting to think we might have pulled a Rip VanWinkle here, or perhaps a Reverse Winkle, which is sleeping backwards in time. It could also be a Reverse Double Ended Winkle with a backwards twist, which is what happens when you sleep next to M. Night Shyamalan... that and regret.

There's nothing in the town that I can find, so I'll look around the area and see if maybe there's... well, there's the cave I ran into, so I'll see if it exists in this world/time too.

Yes, it exists:

Gina isn't usually a Valkyrie name...
and it looks like there's a Valkyrie turning all of the water into Kool aid (TM.), I hate it when that happens. Come on, bitch, go back to Valhalla! She doesn't seem interested in hitching a lift with
Sleipnir so I'll go on exploring the caves. Nothing new attacks me for a while, but then I run into an old, much hated enemy...

YES! Metal Slimes= XP(and frustration) aplenty!
That's right, if you've played DQ even once, you know these little fuckers. They are total assholes that are impossible to kill, or nearly, and they'll run away pretty much instantly, which is coincidentally exactly what this one did... dick.

This place is also full of dozens of sets of stairs, and I don't know what one to take, so I'll simply check the hardest one to reach since it's bound to have either loot, or the next area...

Ohhh, yeah, I remember this dungeon. -Ed.
Or a log flume... That's cool though, I've flumed some logs in my day... wait... never mind, that doesn't sound like I meant it to at all.

Anyway, I guess it should be noted that you take the left most stairs down to the flume, then take the right hand log, then the bottom log to get to the next area. There's a lot of treasure to be had from the flume, but aside from a Tiny Medal that was on the way, I haven't got the patience to go looking for it all. (Editor's Note: Yes, That Guy last played Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior when the Mini Medals were still Tiny Medals. Before that they were Small Medals...)

the next area is a bit of a maze, but if you keep heading up and right, I think, then you'll find a set of stairs leading down to the next area, where you'll see this guy:

Things have gone from bad to Norse.
I guess he's important in some way, and probably related to our Norse friend up above. Also, this looks somehow important:

Hey, mind if we cut in?
The blur is because they're moving so fast that my video capture card can't actually get a good picture of them, but the one has wings on his head, and the other seems to be a blue demon. They are either battling, or having the most active game of patty cake I've seen. I take one more step into the room, and it's then I'm fighting:

And considering this is called a Horror Beast, I think we mean cut literally.
I'm going to have to call it a Gaygoyle, even if that is a rather unpopular way of putting it. I'm not making fun of the gay community, mind you, but he is rather flamboyant, and I've had a lot of gay friends who fit into that category, bless their hearts.

This guy looks tough, so I'm actually going to try to give you a real strategy for once.

I'm going to use this spell with the hero:

Actually, that's Sap, so it's the defense-dropping one. -Ed.
which I think boosts our defense, maybe? Either way it makes us take less damage, I think. And George will be using this:

...Flying Kick, maybe?
which hits for a good amount of damage. As for Elf, s/he is going to be using the spells it has at random, since I don't know what they do.

Ok, this spell here?

Dazzle, which makes it harder for the enemy to hit. The one above it is Buff.
Seems to lower the monster's defense, so that's something worth mentioning. Also worth mentioning is that the monster seems to have a group confuse spell, which is a bastard and a half, because it means that most of the time my party is beating on itself. That's how I know it's a confuse spell.

I did manage to beat him, and will you just look at that?

He stole the treasure out from under my nose, while I was fighting the monster that was kicking his ass. How lovely... I wonder if there's a command somewhere to punch him in the taint...

And to top it all off:

Our armed escort service costs exactly one contents of that treasure chest. What a coincidence!
it looks like we have to walk Mr. Hat Wings to the surface. Lovely... I hope he gets rickets or something for being down here for so long.

Gina and Ilya, huh? (I assume Ilya, because I'm not sure where else you go with 'Iria.'
Thankfully the trip back up isn't nearly as bad, and Mr. Hat Wings is reunited with Valkyrie chick, and everyone is happy, except for me who was ripped off. Oh! Wait, that was the Item Get music! I guess I wasn't ripped off after all!

Also, the water stops being pink, which is probably a good thing in the long run. So it's back to town and to a save point, because I'm calling it quits for now. It's almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and I'm melting.

Be back with more flailing tomorrow!

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