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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flail it Yourself: Wearing a Food, Jumping through Foops

This is one that trips me up pretty frequently, no matter how often I try to remember it.

This is the Katakana for "Fu," courtesy of Wikipedia. Because of how this letter is pronounced in Japanese, it falls in the middle of the H family of sounds: ha, he, fu, hi, ho. But it pretty clearly sounds like "fu" to everybody else. The other F-sounds- Fa, Fe, Fi, Fo (Fum) -are written by combinations of Fu and smaller modifying vowel-kana: a, e, i, o.

Problem is? Fu is also used for "Hu" sounds.

Beam... Foop?

This is also Final Fantasy's Cat-Ear Hood, or if you prefer: "Nekomimi Food." I didn't even know cat ears needed fed...

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