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Monday, July 4, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Into the Frozen South

The children of Avalon see me off with a hearty KyaaKyaa and WaiWai, and we're off to battle. We glide through the octopus-infested icefields of south Nazerle...

...and sure enough, we've got a new area.

Snow-filled mountains- seems like a good place to hide a final dungeon. I see a small dragon flying about as well, so it should be a party.

This odd room is labeled on my menu screen as "Last Dungeon." Exactly the words I wanted to hear! But there's nothing I can do in this specific cave, so we'll see what else is around.

Like this Shirtless Giant!

Oh, my mistake. Shirtless Cyclops. I'd be impressed, but Renya insta-kills him SO HARD. I find a bunch more of those empty little caves on the way through, so I'm assuming they're just there to help you notice that yes, you're headed for the last dungeon. We get a running jump across a narrow gap in a huge chasm...

...and here there be Dragons. No shock. I don't really feel like playing with them, but I get pinned against a rock and have no choice. It lives two whole turns, bless its murderous little heart, and we come out of it LP intact.

Yeah, this is definitely the right entrance. If the colors didn't sell it, we've got some brand-new music. Might be Uematsu? Tough call- reminds me of some of his FFVI work, which chronologically didn't fall too long after this game's release. Either way, tomorrow we tackle the Last Dungeon!

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