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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Romancing Saga 2: Should I Matte or should I Ikuzo?

We walk onto this circle and sink into the ground.

The dungeon seems to be at least partially under water, or possibly an energy field... but if I'm seeing correctly that would make it an energy field full of fish, so let's call it water. Either way, its role is to obscure monster placement so I do as much fighting as possible before the bosses, duh.

I hope this shot accurately conveys how ripply and weird the background here is. If my astigmatism was any worse I'd probably be lying on the floor twitching by now. Good news, such as it is, is that the enemies are the same things I've been fighting for centuries now, LITERAL game-centuries. I guess I topped out on the sliding random encounter scale a while back. On the next circle we walk on, we ascend instead.

The theme of this level will be fairies and plantlife, like a theater simultaneously holding revivals of Peter Pan and Little Shop of Horrors. Looks kind of like we're taking a four-elements tour of the underworld, but I may be wrong. But I doubt it, as the randomly-appearing crystal blockades jibe with this being the Earth Floor. And of course the most direct exit is blockaded by the crystals as I walk towards it, but I can see JUST far enough to the right to realize that it's time to go the long way, past where Lukey's barn used to be before it burned down, and that IGA that used to be a Piggly-Wiggly but it's closed and torn down now.

And another ascension.

The theme for this floor I'm guessing is Air, with wispy cloudlike bits of distortion here and there. Enemies are some of the more annoying kinds: Cobra Commanders, Skeletons, Ghosts, Lizards.

Or maybe there is no theme, because this doesn't look very Fire to me. Either way, we press on.

...uh oh. As I try to cross the bridge, I get a prompt with two answers, and I know what they are even if I don't know the question:

1:"Chotto Matte" (Hold on)
2: "Ikuzo!" (Let's go!)

I take a second to restore skill points and save the game. Tomorrow: Ikuzo! (Also, the final chapter!)

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