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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 22 (Cupcakes made of grass are just about as "green" as you can get.)

And we're back for the end of the week update, or at least the end of my week... possibly. We may end up with a bit of an informational update from me over the weekend, since it's been a bit chaotic.

Now, I remembered something that should have seemed bloody damn obvious to me, right as I was sitting and contemplating my navel about where to head.

It's also a Dragon Quest IV thing- Yay, Torneko Taloon's Chapter!
I'm going to call it a hunch, but I bet I have to find a path through that cave, and out the other side. I likely had to clear it out so that they could finish construction in the first place, and that was the point of that mission. This brings to mind Earthbound, but I can't put my finger on the particular event... I'm going to go with "a lot of them."

Well, that was simple.
I believe my assumption is correct, since this is different than it used to be, and there's a road clear through the area. It's not long after that we come to what has to be the single most boring town I have ever seen... Minus the old guy's house on the Veldt.

I think it's the DQ equivalent of a trailer park.
It looks more like a collection of neighbors that don't get along particularly well, to be honest. I take a step inside and find... an Inn, and not much else more. There's a tiny medal in one house, which reminds me that I haven't been looking for them since before we fought evil fat lizard batman, so that could be a problem. From here I guess I should explore a bit, to see if I can find our next plot point town, or something.

'Hey, where do these stairs go?'
That was surprisingly fast, even by my standards of dumb luck. And we take the... escalator, up, and end up...

'They go up.'
Yep, this is the upper world again. I can tell by some of the pixels, and having seen a few dream worlds in my day. And though I hate to just post random images of uneventful scenery, I just want to point out that these people need to come up with a new gimmick.

I'm pretty sure Gozer doesn't live up here, however.
I bet I know where I'm going next~!

We tiptoe our merry ass way through the cave, which is filled with things from the last cave mostly, and find that someone has built a home in it. Now, those monsters aren't that strong to me anymore, but I still damn well wouldn't build myself a home in a cave FULL of them:

Random Innkeeper would one day go on to be chief real-estate purchaser for Starbucks.
Let alone one without a goddamn wall! What the hell is wrong with this man!? Also, it looks like he's wearing a beret, underground, and a pair of pajamas. I can understand the pajamas in the sense that he lives there, so there's no real reason to get dressed... But WHY the beret? Berets only look cool on people in the military, or some artists, and you are a fat man with a Fu Manchu mustache. You are not cool, sir. You are not cool at all.

Fuck, I don't know, maybe pine flooring scares away monsters.

Anyway, it's out of the cave and into the nearest town, where we'll take a quick look around for weapons, armor, and:

I never knew what anybody meant, by endless hopeless bleak despair...
Crushing despair?... Oh, sweet! A new weapon for Elf! I don't know what it is, but it boosts her... his... its ##^% by almost twenty points.

Once I've looked into that, I take a quick look around the town to see if I can find the source of their problem... And I do think that I've found it.

Maybe dig a new well, then?
Obviously they need more folding chairs, because this is the nicest beach I've been on in... What? Ohh, this is where there water supply is supposed to be, isn't it? Yeah... You might want to get this looked into, because from where I'm sitting, this is pretty bad looking. Still, nothing down here seems like it can be interacted with, yet, so I'll go find the trigger somewhere else.

I've got one question, though. In every house I've been to so far, there's been a sink filled with water. This makes sense, though is disgusting, because you can always boil the washing up water to make it useable again for some other purpose...

But then there's these assholes:

'Oh, that? That's for Princess, our Poodle Slime.'
Who have a gods damn bathtub. That's right, everyone is dying, and they've got a big ass claw-foot tub sitting there.

Anyway, I'm guessing that I'm not supposed to trigger an event here, because I've talked to everyone, minus the guy down the well, and... Come to think of it, I should probably speak with the guy down the well. He could be important...

Note: to my knowledge there is no such thing as a Poodle Slime. Yet.
Maybe a little important.

I guess it's time to find the next trigger, and see what we can set into motion... A few people are asleep, so I guess that's worth mentioning, but other than that there really isn't anything in the town... Ah, I see!

It is a cellular peptide cake. With mint frosting.
Yeah, the floating green cupcake thing wasn't there before, so I'll assume that's where I'm going. I hope it takes me to Candy Mountain, because that could be awesome.

But that will be for next week, because I've got to run. I'll see you all again, then, hopefully, and we'll see where the sea-sweet takes me. Till then, keep gaming.

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