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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 29 (Dumb luck, and the plague.)

And we're back for Wednesday, and I hope you're enjoying actually knowing a plot hook as much as I am.

I guess I'm supposed to talk to the king about something, since he went to the throne room to look all official in his wife beater and mullet, so we'll speak with him and see if we can glean anything at all from his dialog.

Yup, there's 'Mirror' again.
Yep, there it is again! I'm noticing things! I wonder if I should have it in my inventory when I talk to him... That seems like it would be the smart thing, wouldn't it?

Yup! The Mirror of Ra is what was needed.
Yes, it looks like it was the smart thing, even though I forgot it was already there, since I had seen it once before.
I guess I just needed to speak with him another time, because holding it up and waving whatever it is would be too obvious... I think it was a mirror, wasn't it? Or was there just a mirror we got around that time that we got this? I dunno, but we're on the right track!

'Come with me! I have a plot point for you!'
Definitely on the right track, which seems to be plot rails. Do we have to use whatever it is to change someone back from being a ghost, or do we have to use it to break a spell, or what?

So, hold one magic mirror up to the other... sounds like a bad idea.
Break a spell. This looks to me like your standard enchanted mirror, so this should be a simple job, maybe a little overtime involved, and of course we'll have to call out to Zenithia for parts... Zenithia was in Dragon Warrior for the NES, right? (Yup! -Ed.) Like I said, that's the last one I played all the way through, or for more than a day or two. Anyway, the point is we're likely going to have to order in parts from a game that isn't even on this system, so it's going to get costly.

Haha, I'm dumb. It turns out that WASN'T what I was looking for, but something with the exact same symbols, but with one or two extra in front of it. Lovely, but at least I figured it out after only about thirty minutes of using the wrong item in various positions around the room.

And the right item didn't work, yay!

The king wants to divide by zero for some chick in a mirror. Typical.
The king seems really upset, or maybe a little gassy. He leaves the room in a huff, which is a small sports car, and I guess we follow him and speak with him again... Here's hoping.

Alright, we spoke with the king in the throne room, and I think he asked us something which we said yes to. I'm not sure, since we went through it pretty fast. The fat guy in red doesn't seem to be any help either, so I guess what we have to do now is look around for something obvious. Here's hoping it's easy to find!

Symmetrical formations. All about the symmetrical formations.
See this? This looks like it would qualify as important, right? That's what I thought too, at first. But the problem is that there's an old guy down the well, and he doesn't seem to give me anything that's any help at all... Hmm, I wonder...

See if you can follow my logic here, for a moment. There's a mirror that makes things in the other world become real, right? The place where we change jobs exists in both worlds, but only one is whole, right? I'm going to go out on a limb here, and bet that where I'm supposed to be is somewhere in the other world, around where the castle is. So let's try to match it up on both maps, and see?

This is where I am on this world map:

Which is dream, and which is reality?
And this is about where it is, in the other world:

I'm not being all philosoraptor.jpg here, I don't actually remember.
Or close to it, I think... Shit, well maybe we're supposed to be where the castle was, and not the well? To be honest, I don't even have the slightest idea, but since we're here I might as well give it a good look around to see if there's anything.

Ah, Tower! The Dragon Quest Zoning Board will be pleased.
Well... That is pretty close to where the castle is, I think... Should I give it a look? Yeah, I guess I should. My mistakes should at least be amusing to you guys, if not informative.

'Yes, I knocked loudly enough. ...WHAT doorbell!? Do YOU see a doorbell?'
No fucking luck, the door is locked, and we probably don't have the key to open it yet. Time to warp back to the place we change jobs, and head back to the castle so that we can start scouring that world.


Alright, sure, that works too.

I think the spell directly below it is Outside/Evac. Counterintuitive!
So I was trying to use the spell to warp away, and instead used the one directly below it, which opened the door. I'm not going to complain, since this gives us a lead on something. Since this is my only idea at the moment, I guess I might as well take on the tower, and see what comes of it.

But that'll be for tomorrow. Sorry that this one isn't too interesting, but at the moment I'm fighting a cold, and I think I'm losing. Be back tomorrow, when maybe I'll be in a fever induced delirium!

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