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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 33 (Witty Title Goes Here)

And back on Tuesday, I still haven't managed to get my email back, so I'm going to be doing this from AngeliqueDaemon's account again. It's odd to think that while this is posted, I have a vagina. [Ed note: It's only on loan.]

Now, I don't know where I'm going, but I'm still going to guess that it's underwater, since the king of sponges was too. I'm going to keep my eyes open for unusual formations under the sea, and hope for the best.

If houses and whole kingdoms are fine underwater, what do we need this bubble for?
That is most definitely an unusual underwater formation, but only because the singles clash so much with the color scheme. Also, it's a house, under water. That's pretty goddamn unusual, so I'm going to step in and see if I don't have to battle... a drowned person, or something.

I'm trying to come up with a funny name for an underwater inn, but I'm coming up blank. Sorry, guys.
See this? This is even less what I was expecting. It's handy, but I'm going to guess that these people don't get a lot of return business. Can you picture them having a lot of customers, them being under water, and in a cave? I didn't think so.

Since that's nothing worth note, I guess our best bet now is to see if we can find something above ground... and we do, and it is useful... I think.

Yay, back to the dream world! Or real world! I can't tell which is which!
It's a well, and I don't think we've been in it yet, so we'll take a look around. With luck, maybe this will lead us to the next Mcguffin.

Is he the dude who optimizes your armor for maximum Style points? I think there's one...
Or an armor shop! That's cool, I could use some new gear or something... Huh, he doesn't seem to sell armor, but he does do things to SOME of the armor that makes numbers go up, and as we all know, numbers going up is a really good thing. I do that to every piece of armor that I can, and then head back under the water to look around a bit more.

I like to think they're at war with the other Undersea Kingdom, which probably now calls itself the Underersea Kingdom.
Ok, this could be important, or at least somewhere interesting... Have we been here before? I can't remember. One thing is sure, this looks a lot like the sort of place where we would run into a BBEG... or at least a BBMB (Big Bad Mini Boss.)

But it's not an undersea tower. That would just be silly!
Yeah, this is looking promising, at least slightly, seeing as how everything else has been a dead end until now.

Katakana says... Haunted Mirrors!
OH SHIT! I remember those fuckers! Crap! Um, let's try this button...

Ok, that was an auto attack button... Well that's goddamn sad, because it looks like the computer knows all of the good attacks, and does three or four times the amount of damage I do on average. That... That kind of sucks ass, to be honest, but at least I know it's there if I get into a tough spot.

Now Katakana says: Hell Pirates!
Tough spot achieved! These fuckers are vicious, and they're Frieza mounted to a squid. They're fairly strong, even with the auto attack option now apparently set to permanent on... How the hell do I turn this off? Ah, I hit it again.

Also, I see we're playing legend of Zelda all of the sudden.

Katakana Says is not a game like Simon Says. So don't waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to haunt a mirror.
That is definitely a Zelda-style switch that I need to hit, but getting there will be half of the battle, I'm sure. Soon I'll be pushing statues, hook-shooting, and sprinting, thanks to a pair of magic gogo boots... And we have Gogo in the party, so I'll just use his boots.

Well, I guess I need to find the right switch for it, but... Goddamn, those things are ugly, aren't they?

Or if you figure it out, send pictures!
I can't remember the food, but there was some cartoon show ages ago that had a food product made out of algae, I think. It was the most disgusting shade of green I have ever seen in my life, and those fish things are that exact same shade. I cannot express on what level this gives me the willies, but I'll try... It is icky.

I forgot I was a goddamn wordsmith.

I know this isn't a great post, but tomorrow's is going to be a special one, so I'm keeping it a bit short so I don't spoil the fun.

Tune in Wednesday, for our one year, slightly late, special!

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